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Opening words: open source, more than an act, but also a belief.

In the phrase 'free software', free has two meanings: one is 'free of charge', the other is 'unconstrained'. Founder of the free software movement - Richard Stallman defined "free software " as: The point of free software is not price but freedom. To understand the concept, you should think of “free” as in “free speech,” not as in “free beer''. More specifically, computer users have the right to choose whom they collaborate with and control the software which they are using.

Internet security environment is increasingly harsh. With the increasing popularity of e-commerce and online payment, more and more new types of viruses and Trojans which aimed at stealing users' property come up. These viruses and Trojans are operated by some groups in a form of systematization and industrialization. But security software providers are fighting those virus, Trojans and hackers independently. They don't have an effective mechanism of sharing. And they don't have an industrial alliance.

Meanwhile, the security industry is also facing an unprecedented crisis of confidence. Due to the confidentiality and complication of software, software is a mysterious 'dark box' to users. especially security software. And if the security software is abused, it will cause great harm to users and the industry.

For make everybody get professional security service, to make security industry vendors unite to cope with virus and Trojans, to make users get real 'free' security protection, to make self supervision, Kingsoft Corporation decide to carry the 'free' strategy trough and start 'Open-source Project of Kingsoft Guard'(simplified as OPKG), after announcing Kingsoft Internet Security software for free permanantly.

OPKG unveils the secret cover of security software for the first time. And any third part could share, use and compile the security module of Kingsoft. To eliminate various technical infighting, to make the protection of users become transparent, Kingsoft starts sharing core technology. And we hope we could get supervision from users and the industry. Also hope more intenet security service providers will join the open-source project.

The harsh internet security condition demands a trough innovation of security providers. The essence of the innovation is not charged or free. But a though revolution of the product, mode of service and development.

In the future, security service will be added to every service used by people like electricity and tap water. Users not only could get security service when using Kingsoft Internet Security Software and Kingsoft Guard, but also when visiting the website or online shopping.

We will have an era of internet security for everyone. Every user or vendor could put their new security contribution into open security services immediately. And the positive side of internet security will be extended from security vendors to the whole internet.

From now on, every user, every Internet service provider is free to customize their own safety! From the day of security software open source, Internet will have real 'free' security services!

Open source, more than an act, but also a belief! This belief comes from Fu Sheng(CEO of Kingsoft Network Tecnology Corp.,Ltd)'s free software dream.

Software are born equal, a software does not have jurisdiction to another software. No matter what the reason, a software should not attack, tampering, or uninstall another software.

Users should have real and completely right to know. We should respect users on every detail. And let users understand the meaning every user interface, every word, every button. Thus they could make a easy choice. We should not mislead users make choices they don't even understand. And we should make internal logic transparent to users. Don't make ourselves as a 'dark box'.

Users have a supreme right to choose. Users can install, use, uninstall any software freely and without any interference. Installing one software, which makes it difficult for users to install and use other software, or lead users to stop using some function of other software, that's not the right thing to do.

So we are on the road!

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