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Security truly become a basic service

Internet security environment is increasingly harsh.

With the increasing popularity of e-commerce and online payment, more and more new types of viruses and Trojans which aimed at stealing users" property come up.

Kingsoft found that all professional services companies rely on the Internet need real security service. However, in order to enhance the safety of their products and provide users with better application environment, the current Internet service companies have two ways, research and develop their own anti-virus engine, or purchase products from profession security firm.

However, both methods have significant problems. R & D needs a lot of investment. But the result is hard to predictable. Because security industry involves professional experience, talent reserve etc. It can"t be simply achieved. If purchase products from profession security firm, as it relates to core technology, customization is difficult to achieve. But the universal product is also difficult to meet the specific business needs.

OPKG can solve the problem of Internet security requirement. And it could protect users better. Various types of Internet firms can make appropriate safety module according to their own needs. So user can get the most comprehensive security.

Security industry returns to rationality

OPKG is saying "goodbye" to the contest of fighting for users" desktop. It is also saying "goodbye" to war of words which sacrifices users. We just want to have technique and service.

Over the years, the profit model of security software is based on occupying the clients' desktop. Whether charged or free security software, it gets more profit when it occupies more client. In this condition, the security industry's competition has deviated from the initial technical and service competition.

The war of words with each other becomes the normality. And some companies even delete rivals' software directly at the expense of the interests of users to. Security technology is not used as a protector, but a competitive weapon. If security industry or security companies don"t change the form of providing service, this vicious competition will continue, and the security industry's future will be stalled.

OPKG will completely change the situation of competing of the user's desktop. Open source will truly become an open, free and shared service. For the open-source security vendors, competing for the user's desktop is not a purpose. Providing better security services and improving ability of the fight with virus are the most important of competition. Only providing the best security services, open-source companies can get real support from individuals or firms. We could work together to make open-source platform better and more powerful.

Kingsoft is going to cooperate with partners and open source developers to extend and improve our services.

Give users the right to know and choose

OPKG will make users bid farewell to abducted "safe" and dark-box "safety". And users will have truly free security services.

"Security software" has always been mysterious to users, with strong powers. The security software can not only determine what program is a virus or Trojan, but also can point out the vulnerabilities of some software. It even can tell users directly what application software should be installed to ensure safety.

"Security" threats in no charge times, users can not enjoy a real free choice. Users just do with a grain of salt in accordance with security software tips.

OPKG is going to break the "dark box". We make each line of code public. Users can not only look at the working principle of information security services, or even have the full right to modify, customize for their own security software. Users can also choose various functions provided by security services freely. Security software will be real transparent. And users will have true freedom.

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