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Open source VS. Managed source

Open source is unconditionally opening code to the public. Any third party can see each line of code.

Managed source code is like things put into a safe in the bank. The public can not see any valuable content.

OPKG plans to gradually open all the source code. Source code is visible to the public, either individuals or companies. After opening source, any third-party can see technical details. It is good for aspiring developers. They could make efforts to improve the program. And the product can be improved. Thus a set of open software development model forms.

Managed code is hosted on third-party. It can only be seen by the third party who is responsible for keeping the source code. The public can’t see it. This is like renting a safe in the bank. The code still belongs to the owner but the public can’t see it. So managed source is quite different from open source. Managed source is still a dark box and self-closing system.

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