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Open Source is a revolution of security industry

(Open source, which follows the principle of free software, is going to be a must of internet software development)

The development of software has 3 stages, personal software age like hand crafting workshop model, industrialization software age, and internet software age which follows the principle of free software.

In personal software age, classic examples, like ucdos cced multiplayer game, the development mode is backward. The efficiency of development can’t meet requirement of users. It was quickly replaced by industrialization software. In the age of industrialization software, like Windows, in order to meet the requirement of efficiency and complexity, a lot of human input is necessary. And in the age of internet software, a more advanced software-developing mode comes up. In the principle of free software, a new idea or algorithm, shared and developed by thousands of programmer and vendors, is possible to become a real great software.

In the age of internet software, with the principle of free software, great software comes up, like Firefox, Android. Even the internet is born and developed by the impact of free software principle. Based on open source and internet, thousands of programmers and producers develop and perfect the software. It condenses wisdom of tens of thousands of programmers.

With the principle of free software, Firefox and Android rapidly spread to users after developed by programmers and producers. They give users a totally new experience. Especially Android, with the principle of free software, it takes worldwide cell phone users to a brand new smart phone age.

And in the security industry, open source project of Kingsoft Guard shares professional security software models with society. In order to spread security to all users quickly in the increasingly harsh security environment, Kingsoft would like to cooperate with security peer and excellent developers to promote security services and fight with viruses.

Actually every software has the power of controlling computers. At the same time, software could be a power media and affects users. But traditional software is like a ‘black box’ for users.

Security software is born special and powerful. If there is no transparent and national monitoring mechanism, behavior of software will be difficult to control. And technique may harm users. Only open-source software, could be transparent to all users and monitored by thousands of programmers and producers.

Open source project of Kingsoft Guard is saying ‘goodbye’ to the contest of fighting for users’ desktop. It is also saying ‘goodbye’ to war of words which sacrifices users. We just want to have technique and service. Open source project of Kingsoft Guard will change the disorder situation of China security industry and create credibility of security software.

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